Or will we mask our ugliness again and place it back in hiding?

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Photo by Vlada Karpovich via Pexels

The United States of America has a new President-Elect and Vice President-Elect. The news was announced by way of several prestigious media outlets on Saturday, November 07, 2020, after a grueling week of counting ballots and watching electoral votes. If you have been as anxious and fear-ridden as I have, then that moment created an emotional sigh of relief for you. But what does this mean for America?

The last four years revealed who we really are as a nation. America’s previous president, who currently feels there has been voter fraud, falsely and boldly claimed he had been re-elected and has filed lawsuits in several states demanding recounts, has no intention of conceding professionally. …

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Community art: Different Women. Photo Credit: Tremaine L. Loadholt

2019 MTV Awards Musical Performance by Missy Elliott

An Audio Poem

My kid sister probes me
for information. She needs to
know more about me.
Our upbringing was an odd one.
I'm more of a mother-figure to her
than a big sister; with 19 years
separating us, she "ma'ams" me
rather than "Ooh, girl" or
"Child, pleases" me and it just seems weird.

She urges me to open up, to share,
but I'm not really the type to complain
more than I need to or
give more of me than I should. …

Flash Fiction

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Photo by Jonathan Taylor via Unsplash

A fresh batch of brownies lay on the counter. We sniff the luring scent, slip on our clothes, and rush down the stairs. I’ve got my heart set on the two middle brownies & my sister craves two from the corners. She’s eager to dash from the entrance of our kitchen to the sweet smell of love and hard work.

Our mom outdid herself this time. We both knew it. The fresh scent travels throughout our home and wafts around every corner of every room. My sister looks at me, I look at her — hesitantly; we measure each other up — lingering in our newfound glory. …

An Experiment

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“I’ve been a drifter before,” she starts.
She likes to remind us of her past — likes
to tell us of her hard times and just how
much growth has taken place since
the last blow to her heart or to her mind.
We stand around. We look at her.
In awe of an elder who has been around
the world many times, we sink into
the conversation.

“I’m hard. I’m soft. I’m everything
in between. And on solid rock, I stand —
waiting for my life’s journey to
complete. …

Senryu, 2 Parts

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breathless eye candy
in the middle of love’s trap
coursing through my veins

submission is due
overtime wreaks havoc now
come find me at dawn

©2020 Tremaine L. Loadholt

Musical Selection: Average White Band|A Love of Your Own

Haiku, 2 Parts

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Photo by Ivan Siarbolin via Pexels

he of great demons
cast his spell over his peers
instantly, they leave

mountains, he did move
walls, he did his best to climb
still his demons stayed

©2020 Tremaine L. Loadholt

A Free Verse Poem

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I’d been laying my problems at her feet
only upon her request and even then,
I’d been careful — didn’t reveal too much,
didn’t let her tap-dance her way into
the depths of me.
I know what to say and when and how to
say it in order to fill the mind with
the info it needs to keep it
yearning for more.

A tablespoon here, a teaspoon there,
she feasted on parts of me no one else
could ever fetch and since she was willing
to swim in the deep end, I showed her what
those waters had in them. …

What are you looking forward to in the year 2021?

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This is a call for submissions and your fourth and final challenge of this year. Young Minds of Medium — this is it! I am looking for work from the young writers here on Medium, ages 18–25. Submissions will be reviewed and posted on Mondays and Fridays beginning with a publishing date of Friday, November 13, 2020. I want to hear from you. I want to feel, connect with, and fall in love with the words you would like to share with the world.

Your theme: What are you looking forward to in the year 2021?

What am I asking?

What do you wish for the most in the coming year? What would you like to see more of throughout the year? How do you see yourself growing in your writing or other creative works for the year 2021? If you’re tired of the Coronavirus and want to see that eradicated — let’s hear about it. Tell me what you are looking forward to next year. …

And how I’ve learned to say “See You Later” instead

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Succulents (Luna, Venus, Mars, & Jupiter). Photo Credit: Tremaine L. Loadholt

I have learned to say “See You Later” when I am leaving people or a place I love. …

An Experiment

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K. Mitch Hodge via Unsplash

Each day post-election day will probably
feel like we’re breaking bad over the
American Dream. How many times
can one say they’re anxious without
falling out from sheer exhaustion?
The polls are what’s trending and we
are losing our damn minds waiting
for a truthful announcement.

Abolish the Electoral College comes to mind
as I check different forms of media
for updates and fact-check as much
as I possibly can during a selected time
of my day. …


Tre L. Loadholt

I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •https://acorneredgurl.com

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