Dave, Are we talking about love on a grand scale as it relates to the possibility of moving the MOVEMENT or are we talking about love in its most teeny tiny form? If the former, we needn’t any rules, nothing special, just clean, pure love. A fellow man to fellow man. If I see you weeping, it is my concern, I want to know, “What can I do to help alleviate the pain?” “ How can I make things better?”

And, get this! Actually follow through!

None of that, “Let me get back to you on this" mess. Actually follow through with that form of love. Be it. When you are in motion with the grand scale of love, let’s call it, Agape Love, because that’s clearly of what I speak; when you are in motion with it, then

things get done.

The latter, teeny tiny form, the kind we loosely reserve for girlfriends, boyfriends, classmates, etc. It is important, however it cannot touch Agape Love. It’s shifty, much like BHD was stating, conditional. I still find that love can be under conditions, but it is not the kind of love most people seek. It is also not the kind of love that will run into a burning building and save a baby on the 20th floor wailing for its mother. You need grand love, gargantuan love, size-of-the-Grand Canyon Love.

And, when you have that, when it seeps out of your bones, eager to meet everyone halfway, then and only then will change occur. Love is the best thing (IMHO) we can gift to someone else. It is priceless, takes several seconds to display, and lasts a lifetime.

A lifetime.

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