As a thirty-six-year old woman with ADULT acne, lemme tell you a thing or two about the folks I have casually had to ask to exit stage left when directing me to makeup products:

  • No, thank you. Not for me.
  • Oh, you think this would look good on my cheeks? Foundation, is it? I’m good. Keep it moving.
  • What is this? Rouge? So, it’s not rouge? Then, what is it? It’s to go where? On whose eyebrows? Girl, bye.

And, so on and furthermore. I have family members that will tell you not to even approach me with another acne cream/cleanser/cover-up quickly fix-it-just right makeup remedy and they have FELT my wrath enough to make this advisement.

I do not intend to hide behind real-life filters, I’ve enough of those on my smart phone in those stinking apps I use on a daily basis. You gotta problem with God’s blemishes gracing my face every other week or so, you gotta problem with me, so… bounce.

That’s clearly how I see it. I am makeup free, have been for eons. First time I had someone beat my face, I was 18, it was for prom. LAST TIME TOO! But, if it is YOUR thing, by all means, get with it. Have at it. Don’t let me deter you. Go crazy, go stupid, get wild with it. I will tell you, “You are stunning, boo!”

And, I’ll mean that if you have makeup on or not.


Written by

I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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