At 2:30 a.m., The Vomiting Began

And, now we wait…

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Jernee is unwell. We have been in between flits of sleep since 2:30 a.m. I do not know the source of her pain, why the vomiting began. I am a problem solver. If I cannot solve the problem, I can point you in the direction of one who can. But, when it comes to the love of my life, I want to solve her problems.

And this morning, I cannot.

I was most appreciative.

My hallway is our puke-station. I’ve hauled her away from the bed, shot out of the door, and into the hallway on the fake wood floor where she could spew out what is now liquid-like bile and bits of last night’s supper. Each time, my heart sinks. She is no stranger to a bit of vomiting, but not like this. I administered one dose of Famotidine, 10mg about two hours ago, and she seems to be holding out just a bit, but the weakness in her eyes tells me this will go on all day if she is not treated.

I cannot have that. Not my baby.

Not on my turf.

Peace, good people. You may or may not relate to this, but I am asking you to keep my little one in your thoughts and if you pray, in your prayers. Thank you.

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