Because I was on the phone texting with you the night of Mom’s incident, I did not want you to read this. We had already lived through that. That was not a good night. It plays back over and over in my head. How do you solve something that is impossible to solve when that is really what your Mom wants you to do? Powerless in the middle of power. Nonsensical. There is no off button. No pause. No fast forward. We are stuck on play. The questions she asked me. They keep replaying.

I cannot make them stop and I have tried. I keep saying I wish I could end it all. Everything that shackles the soul and kills us/anyone/everyone off without a millisecond of care, wish I could end it all. One thing is for certain, there’s much work to be done. No time for sleep. One is liable to catch one if not fully awake.

I know you didn’t mean to, or maybe you did, but I shonuff laughed at bits of this because I could truly hear your reaction. And, I thank you for doing what you do and coming through when you can, like no other.


Now, isn’t it about time for us to take over the world?

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I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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