Breaking Bad Over the American Dream

Each day post-election day will probably
feel like we’re breaking bad over the
American Dream. How many times
can one say they’re anxious without
falling out from sheer exhaustion?
The polls are what’s trending and we
are losing our damn minds waiting
for a truthful announcement.

Abolish the Electoral College comes to mind
as I check different forms of media
for updates and fact-check as much
as I possibly can during a selected time
of my day. There’s only so much
bad news I can take without removing
myself from the cushion of
comfort or forcing myself to
watch animated films to keep
my spirits uplifted.

The waiting of it all is the hardest part —
we’ve held on and we’re holding on,
but the sword we’ve had hanging over
us is inching closer to our livers.
If you sliced us open, we’d bleed
centuries of blood stained on the tips of
tongues owned by the descendants
of slaveowners who bark and wail
they’re not like their ancestors
and beg you to believe them.

Fighting used to have a purpose,
we could use our intelligence to
fence and maneuver our way into
becoming, yet 2020 has shown us
truer colors and fighting leads to
fires ignited for years to come.

We’ve no more tears.
We are doused in pain.

Every move we make are calculated steps
toward bereavement or advancement —
we don’t get any other choices.
So when you fight for America,
make sure you have an army
of strength and eons of patience
because “American” is not the same
as “America,” but no one tells you this.

No, you’re brutally shown it
when you want something more
than the dream they pitched for you —
the dream, they never intended
you to think you deserved.

©2020 Tremaine L. Loadholt

I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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