Do or Don’t Stay

A Collaborative Effort with C. Duhnne

*Me’Shell NDegeocello’s Stay as the Musical Selection*

I buried my feelings
along with your broken heart
eons before you asked me to
start all over again with you —
how odd… a thing that died
in the noonday of lust, you now
want to exhume, consummate,
and worship as if it is in

new bloom.

You had your chance,
that ended with a thud at
my door when it slammed
while I was still speaking
to you.

We were arguing, but talking,
debating —
about something you
should not have said and
we found ourselves deep in
the trenches of a desert
and water was in low supply.
then, came the dancing of
your somber soul,
you needed my presence,

You didn’t want it.

and i couldn’t linger
any longer
in this place

couldn’t save you.
couldn’t try.
a desert blessing
an ocean’s curse.
your smile, lingering
in the valleys between
where i was
and where i am
and who i am today.

love me

i begged
and hovered
in between
to be allowed
to love you
but you
have a tourist heart,
room enough
for dialogue
and little else.

I chose to walk away.

with quiet intent,
you came running back,
interested in luring me in
just one more time.

Do or don’t stay,
just let me live.

Author’s Note: This completes the collaborations with the young and fine minds of Medium. I cannot put into words just how overwhelmingly joyful it was to work with each of you. Anto Rinish, Evander, Hershil Singla, Jewel, Sara Weaver, Alex/asha, Michael Holuj, Noha Medhat, Kare, Kate Comstock, Braden Turner, and finally C. Duhnne. You guys melt my heart. I am grateful for each of you. Thank you.

Written by

I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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