‘Til death do us part…

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Courtesy of Shae DeTar via the Huffington Post.

But, we ain’t married, though.

You were the one to introduce me to Him. To pitch my name in a boisterous class of our peers, then calmly tell him, “She’s single.” I felt my cheeks flush, my heart thump, and a newness of what would be five years of my life spring into action.

You gave a little lean-in to hear whatever he said, and I sat back, knowing you’d bat for me, give all sorts of good words. And, you did. I can recall the laugh-lines crowd your eyes as you told me of the


I know this to be true because you show me every time someone thinks they can mat-you-up. Who’s going to walk all over you? Take your pistol approach to life away from you? Say you cannot do this or that?

If they know what’s good for them. You have an army of sisters who carry razor blades for fun, shoot souls with verbal doses of “come get this, if you’re froggy.” We are ready for them to

I love how you love life. The girls, all three of them, have bits of you hiding in their faces. I have counted their smiles. I see your younger years pushing through, shining.

A beacon of fresh life.

You are Mommy first, everything else second. If anyone was to ask me what I would say is your best quality, I would politely line-em-up for this:

She loves like LOVE is never going outta style. When you feel like you don’t wanna breathe, like life just ain’t your cup of tea, she reminds you that what you’re feeling is temporary. And, temporary ain’t forever.

But, you and I are.

Author’s Note: When I type right here and now that I have had some crying days on the phone with this one… She has helped me through a lot and I am so thankful for her being around 20 years later. I am also appreciative of Medium’s finest: Jack Herlocker, Alexainie, Jennifer Brown, Sean Howard, Aide Ojigbede, and Rachel B. Baxter.

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I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •https://acorneredgurl.com

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