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Rise above it all…

I will not claim to be. You know this. And, like a friend should, you stay where you are needed. No longer lingering in a crowd of questions.

I thought about writing something for you, for your soul, for its healing. And, today, it came to me while I was listening to the rain fall. At this time of evening: peace is more than a friend, and the calm of the day is what I need more than anything.

I think you said something along the lines of, I came into your life and messed it up, rearranged things so that they were not the same.

And, that is my way. I do not know how to sit still and watch havoc take control. I take over. I lay claim. It is my territory and I will not allow harm to sashay in and dig holes deeper than they should be.

We’ve Got Enough of Them.
We Don’t Need Anymore.

Daily, I watch you burn, then rise and burn, then rise again. You are true to form.


With singed wings, you soldier on. No need for laced up boots or a rifle. No room for war or drifting out to sea. You succumb to a writer’s ways and you unleash forces we all wish we could touch.

We All Yearn To Stand In Your Light.
If Only For a Day.

We all wish to be the fire that motivates you.

Author’s Note: For the next four posts over the next week to two weeks, I will write pieces for my closest & dearest friends. It’s time. Why not now?

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I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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