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“Yeah, lemme get six tomatoes, one pound of okra, two bunches of collard greens, and two pounds of potatoes.”

Jaz belted out her order loud and clear. The clerk hurried to each item, scanning them closely before filling the bag. Sunday afternoon was the best time to catch a deal at Dixon’s, The Real You fruits and veggies stand. The air was calm, not a clan in sight.

“You got them pickled beets?”

“Yes, we have them in the cooler in the back. You want some?”

“You know I do! Lemme get two jars, please.”

The clerk shuffles to the back, opens the cooler, retrieves two jars of pickled beets, and appears again in front of Jaz.

“What I owe you?”



The crumple of the dollars exchanging hands is the clerk’s favorite sound.

Jaz gathers her items, packs the car, and heads home to hell.

Good thing she has all of the right fruits and veggies to clean out her system. After tonight, she’ll need it. Harry’s been working overtime and is often cranky.

“That crazy husband of mine is going to drive me to drink.”

She thinks about poisoning his bowl of okra gumbo, but cannot bear the thought of the possible bodily fluid involved.

“Maybe I can hide some rat poison in the pickled beets?”

She ponders… All the while, the Dixon’s purchase scents her car with a freshness she desires.

“Nothing like Dixon’s.”

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I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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