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Get gone…

It’s trippy. We’re tripping. We haven’t been to this place before. There is an increasingly interesting feel to our surroundings.

A current

Steals Our Joy

And, you watch me watch you become beauty. I’m high on you. One puff and I Alice away from reality.

The rabbit-hole has a divine undertone. You rest there, lips perked in comehither position. I am ready to


But, I remain patient. I know you like longing for full throttle. And, there is nothing keeping me from satisfying you.


Only seconds and the tick-tocking of an old clock. You speak to me in French. I do not comprehend the verse, but I know it’s biblical because God is now in the room

For us to come to a conclusion. “I Need You Now.” To say otherwise would be an untruth. You catapult me to a galaxy I’ve yet to tour and I long to be amongst the stars.

Above the clouds

But, safe in your arms. You hold me there breathing my hair, smelling me. I fold into your caress and nestle in the sweet space of just-right bosom.

There is no place like YOU. No calm I wish to seek if you aren’t sending your strong words to me. We push and pull until nightlife awakens.

There Is Still Time Before Dawn

You wiggle two fingers under my chin, cup my face, and kiss my eyes.

We sleep in unison. Breathing in the peachy air, slurping every cherry bomb.

You have the totality of me in your grasp.

It’s trippy. We’re tripping. And every single day,

I’m high on you.

Written by

I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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