Forever’s a mighty long time and I really wanna spend it witchu.

Lemme just say that this song… is on repeat right now. I attempted to tell someone something today, something I’d been cradling since I laid eyes on this person (oh, for what now? nearly a year). I attempted, they knew what was coming and carefully pushed the words back deep down, deep, deep down into the deep. Ain’t no sense in allowing the heart to run amok. Sometimes, it needs to be tamed, or does it?

Hand-Picked Words

I attempted to tell you something today —

I opened my mouth, wrung my fingers

Tightly into each other from nervousness.

I began…

I breathed a sigh. I waited for you to watch me fumble

As I normally do around you.

And, you with your green eyes, humbly

Informed me that I did not need to say

A thing.

No need? No words? Do you know already?

I am open with my expressions and you know this too.

However, today, rain came and showered the

Two of us, so you thought my words

Would do the same.

I have no need for raining on you.

I have my own clouds.

My own storms to deal with, but

I think dealing with them alone is

a S O N G I no longer want to hear.

Listen To Them With Me

Comfort is kinder when there’s two.

Fall with me. That isn’t much to ask.

There isn’t more I need.

Not when I can say that I am moved

To the MOUNTAINS by your voice.

No matter, you hand-picked the words

For me, bleached them to make them prettier,

And sent them back my way.

Confessions were easier

When I was younger.

There was no fear.

Now, there is far too much of it.

And, here I am —

Watching you, watch me,
Watching us destroy

Ourselves before we can

Even be constructed.

We are a burning building.



Burning down.

But, that’s love, right?


©Tremaine L. Loadholt 30April16

Author’s Note: I wanted to make this an audio poem, but I can’t get past a certain part without breaking. So, nope to audio.

Written by

I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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