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Jernee: On the balcony, drinking in a little sunlight while I read.

Mine, too.

She and I muddled through the thick of it yesterday. We found our calm space. We lingered there for comfort, for reassurance. I thought it best to give her a haircut, then a nice, cool bath. She appreciated the care, thanked me with minty kisses.

We fight a little, never too long. I hate for stale feelings to fill the air. Breathing is easier when I can smell the freshness of it. She was having a bad day, I assume. I always ASSUME these things, usually, I am right. In a small space, two opinionated beings can co-exist. Two alphas, though? Hmm, the jury is still out on this one.


Today is a new day. I made veggie soup last night, drizzled it over jasmine rice and she watched me slurp up my meal, thankful that I was doing something included in our daily routine besides losing my mind. We took to the hills of my block, scaling them with ease. A good morning walk gets the blood flowing, and the blood did flow. Jernee paces much better than I. She has stutter-steps, on four short legs, she is a figure skater, dotting across pathways in record time.

I love leashing her. Our neighbors are used to our presence. They wave. They smile.

We are just two beings, struggling in our older age, relearning each other. After our walk, we both enjoyed a simple breakfast. Well, not so much. I prepared Jernee’s food. She sniffed it, circled around it like it was foreign, leaned into the bowl, and huffed in disapproval.

Nothing had changed. Everything was the same.

I thought to myself, “God, what now with this one?” She looked up at me, pressing me for an explanation. Why did her bowl not look like my plate?

I am often weirded out by the sheer human-like qualities she possesses. I found myself playing the Negotiator.

“You should eat your food, Jernee. We have a lot to do today. It’s not going to eat itself. If you don’t eat it, someone else will.”


No, they won’t. That someone else is me. And, I ain’t touching no kibbles or bits or gravy or doggy biscuits. Nope, not one bite.

Three Hours Later…

I retrieved her food. I took a napkin to the center of the bowl, removing what was Jernee’s breakfast. I rinsed it out, cleaning the previous contents. I poured more dry food into the bowl, placed a drop of Catalyst liquid into it, stirred it around, and took the food and her water out to the balcony.

There, we sat. She ate half of it, then rested. I read. We listened to the birds chirp, the squirrels click their tails, and the children play wildly at the pool.

Later, she ate the rest.

Mission Accomplished!

And, all we needed was a little sun.

And, Peace.

And, neighborhood sounds.

Author’s Note: I have found that beauty is everywhere here on Medium. If we are willing to open our eyes, we will see it. I am grateful for: Randomly Me, Evander, Danna Colman, H. Nemesis Nyx, Lon Shapiro, Wild Flower, smokey, & Dave Araki.

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I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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