I do not have to, either.

What I do know, though?

You’d bat for me and anyone else on our team if needed, and also with a hint of sass and “get-your-act-together-before-I-get-it-together-for-you” beauty that doesn’t come around often in most people.

You worry too much.

You are not here to MOLD & SHAPE the world.

You are not GOD (I love you, so I can tell you this coming from a place of sincerity only). Your job isn’t meant to be handling things that you cannot even when your mind & body has told you millions of times to back away from them.

You ain’t gotta save us. We don’t need saving. And, this means anything and anyone you come in contact with who is pulling at the core of you more than they should. Love of them, be damned.

Now, you gonna have sweet tea or lemonade or a mixture of both with this rant?

*winks at ya*

*gives you a big, old hug*

Learn to be a bit more kind to yourself, please. I’m breaking just a little watching you destroy the only person whom I believe is indestructible.

Stop it.

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