I guess I just have a hard time understanding how *that* could’ve been paramount to luring disaster, especially when you guys were already married and this was a re-wedding. I’m not making light of this at all, because there is obvious pain and I have much disdain for pain in any form.

Should he have heeded the wish not to say anything during this time? Yes! Undoubtedly so. But he did not. I’ve seen many weddings crash and burn, marriages too (my parents = prime example), but for things ten times worse. I’ve no desire to marry, I fear it. I guess my brain isn’t connecting with what seems *minor* to me and was very major to you and your husband, perhaps your family too.

Things, stupid/crazy/out of the ordinary things happen in life. And, for whatever reason, they happen at the most inopportune times. In my head, nothing could’ve prevented me from enjoying “My Day.” But, then again, I’ve never been faced with this, so I cannot rightfully say.


Quite the conundrum, this is. Awkward situations are heavy. They often weigh tons. How we handle them are marks of our character. You are much older than me, so I am willing to bet you’re wiser too. Again, I hate that this happened, I’m just trying to understand why it was more than it needed to be (in my head). But, you know what? Understanding it doesn’t need to take place. You had a horrible experience on a day that you shouldn’t have.

And, it is obvious that it still stings. I wish it didn’t.

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