I recorded “Think “A Beautiful Mind” All The Time" via a recording app on my phone.

I record all of my audio poems this way.

I then, shoot them to Google Drive. From there, I obtain a sharable link for the recorded work(s). The link can then go anywhere I so choose to put it.

I’m utterly terrified of video and my voice and reading all in one. Surefire way to get me to lose my lunch and dinner. Sorry Dave, I’m still trying to get used to my pictures floating around in This Glorious Mess without cringing or crying or caving in and removing them. :-)

Baby steps, man. Allow me my baby steps.

And, I’ll throw this out there for you: I majored in Psychology, have a Bachelor of Science degree. I minored in Writing.

Thus, the MIND & WORDS are my kinfolk. I’ve always loved them.

Written by

I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •https://acorneredgurl.com

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