Light It Up (Day 3)

Light Up Medium! Light Up The World!

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Ms. Sharon’s hands. Photo Credit, My Own.

Monday, September 26, 2016: The candles are lit. A calm rushes over me. God is in the building.

Yesterday’s door-knocking adventure took me to my downstairs neighbor shortly after I finished speaking with Row. The hands you see before you are that of a Pre-School Teacher. (ages 4–5.) When we began the conversation regarding LUMLUTW, she said to me, “My kids want to know why there are bad cops. I have little ones of color in my class. I do not know what to say to them. How do I explain to them what’s going on?” As most of you know, I nearly cried speaking with her. I listened to her; the concern in her voice, the redness that formed around her cheeks, the shaking of her hands while she continued on, etc... She too, is hurt. She is in a predicament where the young ones she is with more than their parents during the week, have questions. How does she answer them?

I could only tell her, “I do not know. This is what we are trying to figure out. A solution. A beginning to an end. We are hoping this will move something.” I asked for permission to take a photo of her holding a lit candle as an indicator that she will continue to be Light even in her dismal situation. She agreed, on both accounts. She has had outpatient back surgery today. She will be out of class for the rest of this week. She will be limited in what she can do at home. I offered to cook dinner for her for the rest of this week. It is the least that I can do.

As an aside, I notice some friction in the posts of others who are shifting light all around Medium. I cannot tell you what to do regarding your posts, however, let me remind anyone reading any of mine: “I am asking you in a nice way not to bring any negativity into this post. If I see anything other than light, love, affirmation, uplifting quotes, etc, I will block the piss outta you. I won’t tolerate it, not here. NOT NOW.” I will not serve foolishness to a fool. The diner is closed. I never had that on the menu anyway.


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