Light It Up (Day 7)

Light Up Medium! Light Up The World!

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One: Held by me. Photo Credit: My Own.

NC: Friday, September 30, 2016: Two candles are lit. The light from their small, glass holders comfort me in my time of pain. I am grateful to be alive.

I have not had the best of days. Today, I had to post something on my WordPress blog after seeing a few things come through my Reader/Feed that were just downright hateful from a few people I had been following. The words & pictures (Oh God at the pictures!) that were hosted in their blogs, I dare not repeat or re-post.

I put up a post stating only this:

I have unfollowed some people on WordPress. That is my decision. I am open and forthcoming and I will say, I am keeping my writing space safe. You can take what you want from that. But, I will not have nonsense that clearly expresses hate of people coming through my feed.

True colors are shown during hard times. Thank you for showing me who you are. If you attempt to comment or like anything I post, you will be spammed. I appreciate your time and understanding.


WordPress has been my writing home for nearly ten years.


I cannot tell you of the pain I felt realizing that no place is safe. Hate creeps in, sheds its skin, attempts to make a home, and will not leave unless you kick it out.

I will not allow it. The support I am receiving from that simple post is mind-boggling. It is a reminder that humanity does in fact step in and takes care of business when you truly need it to, just as you guys have with our 7-Day Light It Up Vigil. To say that it has been a wondrous experience is an understatement and I wish I had the words to sincerely express just how much this has lifted me up and reminded me how far and wide love, light, and peace can spread.

Upon sharing the events of today with H. Nemesis Nyx and Ayesha Talib Wissanji, I am further reminded of my family here on Medium and how much of an impact you all can be. Ayesha shared this song with me by Miriam Makeba (her name is misspelled in this video.):

It has been on repeat for that last twenty-five minutes. It is doing something for my soul that I need. I dare not stop it now.

To those of you who have made this week the best week on Medium, I thank you. I am asking you with an open heart to not let this be the end. Be Light wherever you go. Speak up, speak out, and speak in a way that commands an ear.

Someone will hear you.

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I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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