Makin’ Do Part IV

A Collaborative Series With walkerjo lee

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Courtesy of Gordon Parks

i been here before
shack of a house
leaning in on itself
roots come up through the floorboards
spiders, centipedes, earthworms, beetles stop by
butterflies in cocoons, in corners i don’t sweep
field mice call my walls home
rain pours through a roof
shingle free
pots run over with tears
from the earth
for the earth
for me

i been here before
this home, my home
leaning in on itself
with pots of rain
feel like tears i want to cry
this soul, that’s so tired
of the alone
my days spent with allied enemies
against my blackness, my womanhood
the goodness i am,
lost on them

oh, tired soul!
light the fire to lay my body to rest
after the grand babies been fed
read a verse and prayed
the damp disappears
fire warms this skin
their breaths and light snores soothe
these old bones.
i been here before
they remind me,
it won’t last always.
this old shack and me
leaning in on ourselves
we holding each other up.

we give each other
calm — there’s peace
in our veins, struggling
with today’s world, trying
to maintain focus and focus
ain’t trying to help us out.
saved my money, bought
me a new-old home,
ran the bugs on
their way, shooed the mice,
and led the earthworms to
another space, coolness
sneaks in during the
night hours, calling my
four walls home.

on a hill, this old-new home
sits, got its look from
a big man seeking wealth,
drove his family across
the country searching for
a future, yet the past still
follows him.
i been here before
they remind me,
it won’t last always.

but, I’m dreaming of a time
that will shower me
kisses from God, sparing
me the threats of this
I got shoes for walking,
but my soles are heavy.

this home, my home
leaning in on itself

making itself smaller
than it really is, giving
me more trouble than I
welcome, it’s got my name
on it.
that’s all that matters.
a deed of my own,
bugs, mice, earthworms, twigs,
coolness, nightair, and everything
else is family.

I open my door to them,
give them a little
t l c
and I step back,
look at my home,
this old-new home,
and I say,
“I’m makin’ do just fine.”
and, that’s all right with me.

This concludes the Makin’ Do Series. Thank you for reading.

Written by

I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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