My Niece Is Going To The Second Grade

And, she’s totally excited about it. I am too!

She is not my niece, but she’s a doll! Courtesy of Sophie Gee.

My brother TJ sent me a text message earlier today while I was at work. It said,

“Sis, I have a surprise for you. What time do you get off, again?”

I had not a clue as to what Kiddo had up his sleeve, but I immediately thought, “Ooh! Maybe he has the kids!”

And, he did. I called him shortly after I left the office and I had not spoken to him three seconds before hearing the luring sound of my niece’s voice.

“Hello, Auntie TREMAINE!” She says my name with authority, enunciating each syllable, TREE*MAINE. The way it rolls off of her tongue chills me. She is an excited speaker. She loves to tell stories. I love to listen.

She Melts My Heart!

“Do you know what I learned at summer camp, Auntie? It was


“No baby, what did you learn? Please, tell me.”

She began telling me about experiments and field trips and new friends and summer camp teachers and little assignments that she did not quite like, but

“Summer camp is over now, Auntie Tremaine. I am sad. I wanted it to last forever and ever.”

And instantly, my heart broke. I did not want her to be sad, but all good things must come to some sort of end. I told her this in a way that a seven-year-old could understand. She was polite. She used her best manners. I am not surprised. This was something we instilled in the boys, what I am instilling in my kid sister.


She told me the story of how one of her teachers called her “booger” and “chicken” and we sat awhile with this subject because I was slightly offended.

“Tierney, why did he call you booger and chicken? That is not nice and should not have been said. Did you let another adult know this?”

“I do not know why he did that, Auntie. I am just glad he is no longer my teacher. I do not like the word “booger.” I do not like being called “chicken.” He would make me very angry.”


My Auntie high sensor beams are raised to level-10 and I am not shy on catching a flight and simply showing up to said class when it is back in session. My kid brother is young. Her mother is too. I react to things like this, responsibly, but logically. And in my mind, a trip to the school; a face-to-face needs to take place.


I have to let her parents handle this. So, I listened even more. She laughed and sighed when things brought her little doses of pain. It was the best phone call I have had


Second grade.
She just got here.
Two was her favorite number. She loved saying it.

Now, she’ll just be saying it in a different way.
My niece is going to the second grade. She is totally excited about it.

And, I am too!

Author’s note: I got so stirred up with happiness that I had to listen to Maze featuring Frankie Beverly’s Happy Feelings at least three times.

I am more than breath & bones. I am nectar in waiting—Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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