News For You — Eric Benet

I will write of a “love” that I felt damaged me, however, I was not ready nor prepared for how much this “love” would force me to grow. I am going to quote what that “love” said to me that made me think of my character — how I creep in, break down walls, toss up barriers, and then sometimes leave… both parties (myself and that love) in pain when it’s all said and done. I am also going to quote Eric Benet from his song, “News For You”. Eric first:

See I got news for you
’Cause you don’t know how I do
I’ll find ways to make you smile
That they never knew about
Reaching corners of your mind
That no one’s tried to find
Think your time for love is through
Well I got news for you

Now, the quote from the “love” who taught me that it may be best If I considered changing some things that needed to be changed — opening my eyes to things that NEEDED changing:

“You came into my life like a hurricane — tossing things about left and right, putting them into place. Showing me that I didn’t know what I needed to be until you stormed in.”

Allan, a great Quotable post!

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