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Courtesy of Kartinca Contemporary Art Magazine.

Taming thunder and lightning is your thing…


Youngest of us all. You are a storm of great things.

This is my homage. My deepest appreciation. My most thought-out tribute to you.

How did something so BIG land in something so SMALL?
You have this presence that


And, one look at you, who would not want to pay attention? Who would not want their eyes darted on one of God’s best works?

An untimely dance of rainbows, sun, moon, stars, and an ENTIRE UNIVERSE of blended excellence. I see sweetness in your eyes. I feel kindness from your soul. You know more than a mind should hold and in you, my pride lingers.

There is nothing better than knowing one of the people you love


It is a testament to dysfunctional upbringings.
To shielded peace.
To broken hearts.
And, sharing a space for two years.

We have walked/been through the pits of hell, yet we still manage to keep our soles/souls intact.

Remember this? You get songs too (Where My Girls At?) and (Full Moon). And, I know you smiled just then. Or laughed. Or both. Like, how I broke out into song in the middle of Target right in front of the throw pillows… Your giggle, then about-face away from me while shaking your head told me that we have not outgrown our inner-children.

And, with POWERHOUSES like you by my side, anything we ever dream… Anything we want done… Anything God allows to fall into our laps…

Will know what Thunder and Lightning feels like.

Author’s Note: This is the last of the Tribute Prose-Poems. I have housed them all in My Work & Me. The only thing I wanted was for each of these people to know how much I love them outside of me telling them often. One, just as sensitive as I, cried while reading hers. Everyone is pleased. If that is all I have to do with my words, I am going to die an extremely happy person. As always, thank you for reading.

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I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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