Queen On Her Throne. I Just Live Here.

It is such a beautiful day out! It started off rainy and I thought to myself, *walking Jernee is going to be a major chore* but, the rain subsided and sun introduced itself to us this Saturday morning. I had no plans. I mean… I made no plans for today, other than the usual tidying up. I gave my hair a good wash, moisturized it, flat ironed it, then wrapped it up. Now, I am in the most relaxing of modes and guess who’s ignoring me, but I take a little comfort in this? You guessed right! That’d be Jernee.

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A spot fit for a Queen.

Currently, she’s listening to the birds chirping amongst themselves outside, good conversations being held, I assume. She enjoys the company of these little fluttering busy bodies and it’s always a joy to simply watch her be still. I had a pretty rough night last night and I ushered Jernee into my room to go to sleep earlier than her normal time during the weekends. I wanted to be alone with my feelings. Although I take great comfort in her presence, there are nights when I know my energy is not THE best and subjecting her to it at its highest level is not what I want. Jernee did not scowl at this order. Her eyes had been growing heavy anyway, so it was the perfect time for me to pick up on the cue and lead the Little Monster to sweet dreams.

The place you see her sitting in the photo above is usually where one will find the Queen. She sits there, head just so, knowing that our humble abode is hers and free for the taking, but at her will. She does not need much, the very spot which she sits demands attention. Sometimes, I’ll walk over to her, casually rub her little head, then begin talking, “Are you watching the birds? Having a good time?” It’d be lunacy for me to expect an actual verbal response, but the subtle movement of her head and the interest that arises in her eyes lets me know she did focus on what I inquired. It has been acknowledged, filed away, and to be reviewed at a later time. She just doesn’t plan on responding at that moment. Why? Because I have interrupted a grand happening in her doggy life. I broke some sort of human-to-dog code. Yoda-Jernee does not like this. Likes this, Yoda-Jernee does not.

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She comes in various forms, all of which I am familiar, however, Yoda-Jernee is my favorite. It’s when she is in the perfect sitting position you see directly above, ears shot straight up, and a look of faux wisdom planted on her face. I toy with Yoda-Jernee, it gives me great joy. Human, you know not of what you speak. Of what you speak, human, you know not. Yoda-Jernee can sit like this for minutes. Her meditation game is strong! Clearly, I missed something in the reflections portion of my old Yoga DVDs. I cannot clear my mind for ten seconds and sit still while doing so, yet my dog is a master. I just took a little peek at her; a few of my neighbors are going about their day, passing our building. She is so content sitting on her throne, protecting (I have to say this. Why else did I obtain her? I need protection right?) our space, lighting it with her radiance. I am growing a bit tired of the desk chair though (sitting-too-long butt is setting in) and that chair/ottoman combo where Jernee is, happens to be calling my name. Think I’ve got a chance at regaining that spot?

Author’s note: I awakened before Jernee this morning after falling asleep much later. This almost never happens. Must be something in the air.

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