Sapphire and Grandma Jane (Part II)

And, that’s how Grandma Jane eased Sapphire’s mind. She always had something for her to do. Something that would cause her to forget what she questioned in the first place. That was her job as the matriarch of their family. Sapphire would one day understand.

The greens were cleaned and freshly dried, then placed into a pot big enough to soak up the world as Grandma Jane stood back on her weary legs and hummed.

“You know, your Grandaddy used to love my cooking. He’d wake up early in the morning, croonin’ to me: “Jane, honey, can I have some pancakes?” That would be our start to a beautiful day. I enjoyed his life. I hated his death.”

Sapphire listened intently, focused on every word, hanging on each participle as Grandma Jane breathed life into that current moment.

“He had a big heart, Sapph. The kind that would open up and expand three times bigger if anyone he knew or didn’t know for that matter, needed help. He was a giver. I know I shouldn’t be speaking like this in front of you, but he was also a deep lover. He made sure my soul felt his presence.”

“What does that mean, GJ?”

Grandma Jane pulled her head out of the space-like clouds and beamed herself back down to Earth. Sapphire stood with her eyes growing bigger every second. She knew something good would come next.

“He made me feel like I mattered like the world was just a big old bubble and our love made it better, caused it not to burst. We meant our vows. These youngins today know nothing about the vows they take. They have no patience. They argue and get no resolution. They love and don’t feel a thing. Your Grandaddy moved the world inside-a-me.”

And, as she breathed life into the room, speaking of a past Sapphire did not know, she saw a tear stream down Grandma Jane’s left eye.

“I want to know what that kind of love feels like one day, GJ. That sounds like the kind of love that eases all pain.”

“It is, baby. It truly is.”

The greens came to a vicious boil on the stove. They tidied up the kitchen, making it presentable for family and friends. But the air within those four walls, smelled different. Sapphire bent down to reach for Grandma Jane’s slippers and the two of them headed outside to check on the meat slowly cooking on the grill.

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I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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