Silence (One-Lined Poems)

A Collaborative Effort with Kate Comstock

I love one-lined poems more than I love cheesecake. ©Kate Comstock

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Courtesy of Fluim Festival


The day that I lost my mind, you had me silenced — said that the thoughts of a crazy woman did not matter.


But I am stubborn — you knew this, so you snapped my back into two pieces, stealing the breath from me.


In my mind, I could overcome — but the struggle of you turned into a battle that I am losing.

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Photo Credit: Kate Comstock


Intimacy pulls and pushes on the silent conversation between our eyes.


Your curious hands on my unconsenting body are loud — I am silent.


The room collectively agrees in silent nods and a decision is made.


I don’t know how to interact with people, so I watch them interact, silently intrigued.


It is the pull from you that shakes my soul loose — causing me to bite my lips uncontrollably.


Let’s not stay here in an unsafe space, let’s move to where our voices will be heard — far away from the silence.

Author’s Note: Over the next two weeks, I will be selecting some of Medium’s youngest and finest writers to collaborate with each week. They need to be heard. They support us. We must support them. Kate Comstock was tenth, Braden Turner, please get ready.

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I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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