To keep you from searching, Parts I and II.

Nothing prepared the girls for what a fresh bath could do. Popping out of the tub, both glistening, they discuss new adventures.

“Lacy, maybe we should go to Lula’s tomorrow and get somma her sky.”


“Yeah, she got good sky too. Sometimes, it has orange and red. Dontcha want some orange and red, Lacy?”


“And, maybe we can bucket George’s sky too.”

“I don’t like George’s backyard, Missy.”

“Well, we’ll skip George’s.”

Who’s gonna tinker with a thinker/Who’s gonna make them think twice/Who’s gonna give it what they can/Who’s gonna always play nice?

The girls dried the beads of water from their legs, bathroom walls whispering exhaustion. Another day of romping and exploring is checked off of the list.

“Okay… I know you’re scared of her horses, but Clara Sue got good sky too, Lacy.”

“Clara Sue is mean, Missy. I’m tired. Can we talk Sky tomorrow?”

Missy didn’t mean to upset her twin. She was just excited. Their dreams of Sky intrigue her and she yearns to catch it all. Will she?

Author’s note: Part IV will be the ending. Sorry, Littree. :-)

I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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