To keep you from searching: Part I, Part II, & Part III.

Tomorrow came, announcing its arrival with a thunderous roar.

“Sounds like a storm’s brewin’, Lacy. We better get outside. We gotta catch more sky. If lightning comes, it’ll ruin it.”

The girls jumped into their play clothes, raced down the stairs, shouted into their Mother’s ears, “Morning Ma! Bye, Ma!” and headed out of the door.

Sadie, with Totty on her hip, stirring grits with a vigor that could not be denied, gave the girls a senseless head nod. She knew this routine well.

“Missy, where we goin’? Sky’s mighty dark. She ain’t bein’ nice right now. I’m headin' back.”

Lacy usually doesn’t go anywhere without her twin. Missy is their voice. She can be heard miles ahead of Lacy, always echoing danger. But, Lacy was stronger. Her silent ways often kept her from the hands of Mama. When the hammer drops, it drops hard.

Noon ain’t been around much/keeps missing me and my lover/the days aren’t filled with his touch/they’re hidden, undercover.

“Lacy, we got sky to catch. This bucket ain’t full and I’m not goin' back home til it is. Now, you wanna chicken out and go runnin' home to Mama, then bye.”

Lacy left her sister in the clearing, sorting Sky and labeling bits. Thunder decided to join her. They sat there, eyes big with hope, hearts full of desire.

“Sky, I gotta catch all of you, I just gotta.”

Although Missy didn’t cry. She wanted to. But, Sky heard her, and it came tumbling down.

Author’s note: This is the end, but thanks to Littree, I’m definitely going to do more work with these characters.

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I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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