the heart's a quick way
to show love
but will it mean it?

when you're stuck in place
the world moves
but you simply can't.

you've had enough time
to wade through
tumultuous seas

now's the time to act
be prepared
you may break some hearts

but you'll heal some too.
believe me,
this is not the end.

guide yourself through time,
face the past,
and know what you need.

you must learn to move
and be free
from all that binds you.

disconnect from pain
push yourself
back into the light,

be ready for change.
it's coming,
with or without you.

don’t give up, not now —
yourself day and night.

tell your heart it's time
love again,
trust yourself and grow.

that beating heart knows
you are strong
do not deny it.

you will teach others
who need strength
when weakness shows up.

get unstuck — do it.
make that move,
it’s now or never.

©2019 Tremaine L. Loadholt. All Rights Reserved.

I am more than breath & bones. I am nectar in waiting—Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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