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Courtesy of Ms. Afropolitan.

But, you’ll always be my Sunshine…

The day you came to me and asked me to write a letter of recommendation for you as you chose to take on a new venture; I felt as though I could never do you justice in letter form.

You require so much more. I was honored. I thought to myself, “how do I recommend someone who surpasses recommendations?”

Although, I am seven months older, I have always

I imagine, upon completing his work and planting the seed, God stood back, took one look at you and said, “it is good.”

I celebrate you. The sunniest of rays remind me of just how innocent we once were. Writing on a site that hosted our favorite musicians; freestyling with the best of them.

It’s how we met. Through words. And sounds.

With such a small voice, you have paved the way for your own, bellowing causes I have yet to master. They each favor you in a way I am nearly floored. The Greatest, with whom you share this journey, continuously makes you smile.

I am grateful for him.
With him around, I needn’t worry.
You are admired day-in and day-out.
He has your back.
I can back off… Just a bit.

Your children: my nieces. my nephew. MY LOVES. I look at them and smile. I see you all over again, growing, rising up, dimpling the cities which they tour.

You are doing an amazing job!
As a matter of fact, JOB does not even describe it.
You are setting a gargantuan example for me, the kids, and the world around you.

I know not of a way to thank you for the many years of contentment. This is my offering. If you smiled while reading it, then my day has gotten better, as it usually does at the thought of you.

I wonder what BIG thing you will do next.

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I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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