Thank you for writing this, then sharing it with us. A number of people (family & friends) have reached out to me, wondering if I am okay. I am not afraid. I do not have a fearful bone in my body right now. I did not last night or Monday. I cannot describe the incredible sense of peace that has consumed me. I feel as though something bigger awaits, that while I do have a smidgen of rage in me, that is in a sense, diluted by peace and calm.

I wish I could tell you of what I am feeling, but I am still trying to place a word for it myself. I am glad Alexainie tagged me in her response so that I could read what you have to offer regarding our “current situation.” Peace to you from this moment, forward.

I am more than breath & bones. I am nectar in waiting. Editor PSILY •You write like a jagged, beautiful dream. ©Martha Manning •

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