The feeling that welled up inside me at that moment cannot be described. I hadn’t been in a relationship in about two years and my heart had been yearning for something/someone new. I needed to move on. Mara made me think that I could. The bus halted to a stop. I prepared to get off.

“This is me.”


I walked off of the bus feeling every bit of myself, happy just to have seen her sulking for a moment in time. I paced through my neighborhood, shifting through the dusk, eager to make it home. *Mara. I like that name* I haven’t been this excited to get home in a long time. I stopped by the market to pick up a few items for dinner and there I saw Harry, my homie from Pacific Heights. He was standing in the International Foods aisle looking perplexed.

“Harry, what’s up man?”

“Aion! Yo! How’s it going?”

“It’s going, you know? I can’t complain if I wanted to. Sup with you?”

“Man, I’m losing it. My girl wants me to make some Mexican dish I never even heard of and silly ole Wanda won’t help a brother out. I don’t understand how she still works here, man.”

“What’s the dish? I may have heard of it. Maybe I can help you out.”

“Oh. What? You cook like that, man?”

“I gets busy in the kitchen, yes. What’s the dish?”

“Ento… Entoma… En..”


“Yeah! Man, what are those?”

“I describe them as enchiladas, that’s pretty much how I link them in my brain to keep up with most of the ingredients. For starters, you may want to figure out what meat you plan on using for them. Chicken, beef, or pork? Or do you just want to play it safe with cheese? Once you have that down, then go from there. They’re really simple. I’ll pull up a recipe with the ingredients and text the details to you so you’ll have it at the ready while you’re shopping.”

“Man, I really appreciate that. This girl, man… She’s too much sometimes.”

“It’s nothing, man. You should have it in a few minutes. I got to pick up my items and dash. I’ve got a call to make later.”



“That’s all I get, man? No details?”

“Not yet, man. Too soon. Maybe later.”

I left Harry standing in the market now fiddling with his phone, reviewing the recipe with a bit more confidence splashed across his face. I knew he’d figure it out. Besides, I had bigger and better things ahead of me. Things like, Mara’s voice and the bang bang shrimp I’ve been wanting to devour since lunch. I copped the items for my meal, paid the tab, and bounced. Tonight will be a night of newness and I think I’m ready for it.

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I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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