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Just me and Dorothy — Dandridge, that is.

The Goods, Bads, and the Almost Uglies

Questions asked and Answered

  • Kat of Magik and Harper Thorpe tagged me — silly lovelies. I pulled a few of Kat’s questions and a few of Harper’s and I am answering them here. Kat’s questions are first.
  1. If you were going to come back in another life as an animal (non-human) which would it be and why? Oh, that’s easy. I’d come back as Jernee, my little monster. She’s got it made — living THE life, seriously.
  2. If you had to co-write a book with someone famous who would you choose? Michelle Obama or Elizabeth Gilbert.
  3. If someone could give you a superpower what would it be and why? Invisibility. I have places I’d love to sneak into, things I’ve dreamed of doing in those places with some folks. Don’t want to get caught. If I told you any other details, you may opt-out of being my alibi.
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The Kid, Me, and Peanut (aka two of my brothers and I). This must have been 2013 or 2014.
  1. Is there something you do when no one is looking that you don’t want to tell us about? What is it? Of course, there is. I can’t tell you. It’s against the rules of life. *winks*
  2. When you considered sleeping with your teacher, was it to get a better grade or just because he/she was hot? I was a honor student all throughout school and did exceptionally well in college. I didn’t need to creep with the teachers. But, if I had my way, there was this professor who looked a bit like Ms. Fine (from Booksmart) whom I would have loved to give the business.
  3. If being cold wasn’t an issue, would you go commando in the winter, too? What about the other seasons? I have to have some type of coverage in the nether region. I fear chafing, sparks flying, and any other odd thing happening down there throughout the day without a bit of coverage to keep everything under wraps. It’s prime real estate, gotta dress it up proper-like.
  4. What’s the last opportunity you missed because you didn’t trust your impulse? Saying yes to the right guy who ended up being the wrong guy. The opportunity looked good on paper, but when we got right down to it, saying yes would have landed me a lifetime of “hell nos.”

And now, my favorite song currently:


I got every intention
Baby, you are my mission
Let’s do it right.

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I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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