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I tried to make a deal with time. I pleaded my case…

Give me 15 more seconds.

Lemme just say one more thing.

But, time’s keeper watched me beg with a lookless look on her face, pranced around a humongous clock, and bid me farewell.

She wasn’t interested in my words.

I had so much of it to offer to you. I was willing to make time to make you mine, but time’s keeper had shut me out.

I couldn’t bear the thought of you thinking of me leaving when I honestly meant to stay. I never wanted an argument. I did not plan on telling you what you did not want to hear. Life is not handed to us with guidelines and checklists of things to do and not to say.

I wish it was.

It would make what I have attempted to do, am doing, much easier. A faithful culprit stands between my love for you and my need to nurture your spirit.

She wants me to choose one.

And, only one.

But I wish to love


Nurture. Not one or the other.

She is not pleased with this. She says that I am abnormal. That no one wants to do both.

Why Am I Trying To Be Something Unheard Of?

Puzzled, I tell her that I have goals that others have only seen in movies. That their glimpses of time are ill-fitted and come pressed with trendy Jordans and new money.

The smell of debt.

This is the high life. The expectancy.

I Aim To Take You Higher.

She does not want that. She noticed the happiness in your eyes and has deemed our meetings unnecessary.

Your heart is of no importance.

Your healing is bloody murder.

Your smile does not move her.

But all of these things are breaths that I take and I intend on living until I cannot.

So, I choked the life out of the keeper of time. I took her humongous clock. I threw it in the River Blue, and grabbed your hand.

I can Love



Watch me work.

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I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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