Today, I Saw You In The Flowers

And, you smiled.

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Jernee likes to sniff the flowers during our walks.

Today, I saw you in the flowers. And, I was not ready for your appearance. 13 years have passed.

I thought I had forgotten you.

I wonder what you are doing there, in heaven.

That’s where you are, right? I could not imagine you being anywhere else. Jernee smelled you before I saw your face. You were hiding behind the yellows, sassing with the greens, and even let me see a bit of orange splashed on your shirt.


It was clear as the morning sky. I saw it. I pulled Jernee’s leash a bit, tugging her from your glow. My initial feeling was fear. But, you would never hurt me. You always came to me in waves, oceaning my life with your love.

There, I said it. Now, you know. So, you can come back.

It is the proper time to be with us. We have all grown. We have our own spaces. I have even stopped cursing.

I wrote a poem about you, several. Well, more than several. I have an entire book, actually. Mom thinks I did you justice.


But, I would trash every word if it meant holding you near, inhaling your goodness.

I have tried to tell the boys stories about you, lost fables that I miss mostly.

They do not listen. They have their own fantasies. And, I am just the crazy sister trying to make sure your memory is safe and secure.

They Pay Me No Mind.

But, then there’s Jernee. I am not alone. You would want this. You worried about my heart when no one else did. You thought if broken, I would never regain strength.

Someone pieced it back together again. It took some time. But…

I saw you in the flowers today. Did you know that I would come? Were you planning this all along?

I have said this already, yes? Yes, I have. It is true.

But, I do miss you. I do.

But the flowers, those flowers are your new home. I yearn to see you again.

Maybe I Will.

Author’s Note: I have read some amazing writers here so far, this week. I am grateful to share this space with: Alicia, Markus Russin, JusTee, Jonas Ellison, Anna Present, Sawyer Bingham, and Orisirisi.

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I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •

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