We have new Trump supporters in our building, as if I needed anymore. Lemme recap, remember I was the only Black employee with my company? Well, we’ve stepped our game up and that number has risen to 2. However, she is a provider to our patients and I am on the backend handling the $$$ and medical insurance claims, so she and I do not see each other and she does not have to be in our building. A republican congressman has moved in and everyone KNOWS he and his staff are there. They are not quiet. Nothing about them leaves a good taste in my mouth. They moved in and pretty much took over the building; their representative’s sign is nearly bigger than the area where it is placed on the front of the building and there is uncalled for traffic throughout the day.

They had some sort of “rally” out in our parking lot on a weekday. When we returned to work the next morning, beer cans were strewn on the front lawn area along with Bojangle’s chicken boxes. Now, I will not assume this was the result of their “rally,” but… I’m calling it like I believe it is. We have had to have our code-access door repaired five times now since their arrival. How they cannot keep up with their passcodes is BEYOND me, but this is what we are dealing with now and every time my boss complains, I say, “those are your people, not mine.” I am pretty sure I’m on the verge of getting the boot, but eh… What can one do? The stories write themselves and this is only getting worse as the days go by. I have entertainment before my eyes with dysfunction and disdain raising in the pits of my bosses’ bellies and it’s not my people like they “expect it to be” causing ruckus. I do my work, sit back, watch it all unfold and fester like bad air while they complain about “the new neighbors.” My boss actually said the other day, she is a bit unsure about them as they seem to be causing, “safety issues.” Ooh, come on now. I should have recorded that.

Not my people. They think it’s always my people, though.

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I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •https://acorneredgurl.com

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