#6 . . . Lotus tattoo, left wrist. Why? Because I always feel like my best self when I come out of the muck. Photo Credit: Nick, the artist at Art Attack in Winston-Salem, NC.

Writers: A Challenge

Body Art: Yea or Nay “In Five Words"


Some may love it. Some may hate it. Some are indifferent. Others probably just don’t care. What say you? Tell me your opinion on body art of any form. Do you have tattoos or multiple piercings or unique piercings or brandings of any kind? No? Let’s hear why.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion (of course), let’s be respectful, though . . . and creative.

Here’s mine:

Six unique pieces;
body museum.

Now, it’s your turn. Tell me what you love, like, dislike, or are often intrigued by regarding body art but using just five words.

Writers, please bring it!

You knew there’d be music. SNAP! The Power




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