Writers: A Challenge

Creatively: How Do You Redirect Your Anger?

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Courtesy of Russell Thomas

Using 1–7 words, please share with me how you redirect your anger creatively. What do you do as an artist when anger strikes you? How do you get out of that place you KNOW you do not need to remain? Creatively, as a Writer, Artist, lover of all things artistically sound — what do you do?

Mine: Listen To Music

Music frees me—
writing transforms my

Care to share 1–7 words with me on how you redirect your anger creatively? I typically do not tag people in challenges, but I miss quite a few of you and would love to see you: Alya, John Porter, Lisa Williams, Osasu Elaiho, Onimisi Onipe, Bruno Diniz Yonezawa, and Nancy E. Pitts.

Remember, 1–7 words only. Have fun, you guys!

I’m more than breath & bones, I’m nectar in waiting — Owner ACG •Editor PSILY •Writing for the cosmos. •https://acorneredgurl.com

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